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BLOG - Grandmaster Gedo Chang


In the animal world the stronger animals with toughness will always attack weaker animals for their prey, however you already know these strong animals such as lions, tigers, and cheetahs hunt easy prey that are slow, weak, or injured. In 1859 Charles Darwin conveyed the theory of “The Survival of the Fittest”. Since then, people believed the bigger and stronger species would dominate weaker species. But in the 1960’s a Scottish Biologist, Wynne Edwards, corrected this misunderstanding, which means mutual competition is necessary for survival but that competition is not between different species, but within the same species. For example – When a cheetah chases antelope, that is not competition between cheetah and antelope. An antelope must run faster than the other Antelopes to survive. They must compete among themselves!

Two men, during their hiking in a remote forest, happen to come face to face with a grizzly bear. Man “A” said to Man “B” Let’s run. But Man “B’ said “There is no use of running away, the bear will out run us! Man “A” said to him, I don’t care as long as I run faster than you!!

This story illustrates that the slow, weak, and clumsy will become victims in the street in real life. No matter what happens, each individual has responsibility over their fortune or misfortune. We are not suppose to say our failure is because of you or the situation. Mainly because you show lack of confidence, naturally you are slow, clumsy and look weak. The street people will choose such people. This is one reason you practice Hapkido, to attain confidence so you will not easily become victims.

I want you to remember the competition is not between different species. Which means not between lion, cheetah or tiger or with others. In other words, even in our lives, a bakery owner will not compete with a clothing store owner. Or an Auto Shop will not compete with a martial art school! Often parents bring their children and ask me to teach them Hapkido. They explain how many bad boys and girls bully and pick on their child. My theory is a little different! In that case, though I agree there are some bad children, their children might be weak and clumsy due to lack of confidence. Naturally other children will pick on them!

A psychology professor at Cambridge University, Nicholas Humphrey has pointed out, we humans generally show interest in how much smarter, more talented and skillful we are than others, instead of showing interest in how smart I am, how skillful I am. We are showy instead of excelling for our own self potential. We do it to show off to others! Which means competition among the same species.

This is the matter that Wynne Edward tried to convey! Let’s keep running and getting stronger!

Thank you,
Grand Master Gedo Chang


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